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Make Informed Development Decisions with Our Tiered Report Package

Working with Financial Documents

Our tiered reporting structure provides the level of detail you need to make informed decisions about your real estate development project. We offer three report options, each building upon the previous tier to provide a comprehensive analysis tailored to your specific needs.

Tier 1:
Feasibility Assessment Report

Gain a quick and insightful evaluation of your land's development potential delivered straight to your desk.

This concise report provides a qualitative analysis of key factors crucial to your project's viability.

  • Site Analysis: Examines the location's strengths and weaknesses in terms of access, visibility, and surrounding amenities.

  • Zoning Analysis: Ensures your project adheres to local zoning regulations.

  • Competitive Analysis: Provides insights into the neighborhood's market potential and any existing competition.


  • Professional Printed and Bound Report: Receive a high-quality printed copy of your report for easy reference and presentation.

The Feasibility Assessment Report is ideal for those in the early stages of the development process who need a high-level overview of their land's potential.

Tier 2:
Comprehensive Development Report

Move forward with confidence with an in-depth analysis of your land and a dedicated consultation with our team.

This report offers a detailed breakdown of all the elements included in the Feasibility Assessment Report


  • Detailed Site Analysis: A thorough evaluation of the land itself to determine its suitability for construction. This analysis considers:

    • Presence of utilities

    • Topographic features

    • Drainage and flooding risks

    • Visual Inspection of the Property


  • Cost Analysis: Provides a breakdown of the financial aspects of your project, including:

    • Land acquisition costs (including conveyance fees, water transfer taxes, land valuation fees, title fees, closing costs, holding fees, and legal expenses)

    • Financing costs

    • Construction costs

    • Permitting costs

  • Marketing Analysis: Provides a detailed business analysis of other projects that could be used for determining a market value for sale or lease. This is particularly important for occupiers who need to understand how to amortize their unique T.I. costs or for investors who want to stay competitive.

  • Financial Analysis: Analyzes the project's financial viability, including potential returns on investment.

  • Basic Test-Fit Design: Our team will create a schematic layout to visualize potential building placement and explore space utilization on your property.



  • One Hour of Review Time with Our Staff: Schedule a dedicated consultation with our development experts to discuss the findings of your report, ask questions, and gain further insights.


The Comprehensive Development Report is ideal for those who are serious about moving forward with a development project and require a more in-depth analysis to inform their decisions.

Tier 3:
Premium Development Blueprint

Unlock the full potential of your development project with our most comprehensive report and expert support.


Building upon the strengths of our Tier 1 and Tier 2 reports, the Premium Development Blueprint offers an unparalleled level of detail and support. This package equips you with the insights and tools necessary to confidently navigate every stage of the development process.

All the benefits of the Tier 1: Feasibility Assessment Report and Tier 2: Comprehensive Development Report plus:


  • Sensitivity Analysis of the Base Case Financial Model: We'll stress test your project's financial viability by analyzing how key variables, like construction costs or rental rates, affect your projected returns. This provides a deeper understanding of your project's risk and reward potential.

  • Detailed Test-Fit Design with Renderings: Our team will create a comprehensive test-fit design tailored to your land and project goals. This includes a site plan, parking plan and high-quality renderings to help you visualize the potential of your development.

  • Up to Three Hours of Meeting and Review Time with Our Staff: Our development experts will dedicate up to three hours to discussing your project in detail. This includes reviewing the findings of the report, brainstorming design options, and answering any questions you may have.

  • Project Branding and Marketing Presentation for Friends, Colleagues, and Investors: We'll craft a compelling presentation tailored to your target audience, outlining your project's unique selling proposition, market positioning, and potential returns on investment. This presentation will be ideal for generating excitement and securing support from your network.


The Premium Development Blueprint is ideal for serious developers who require a comprehensive roadmap to success. This tier gives you the confidence and clarity to make informed decisions about your project every step of the way.

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