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Unlocking Development Opportunities in Burnaby: A Guide for Property Owners

Burnaby, a dynamic city in British Columbia, is undergoing significant transformations driven by ambitious development projects. From high-rise residential towers to comprehensive master-planned communities, Burnaby is at the forefront of urban growth. At Mirabeau Group, we understand the complexities and opportunities that come with developing in this rapidly evolving landscape. Here's a comprehensive guide to help property owners navigate Burnaby's development scene effectively.

Understanding the Development Landscape

Burnaby's strategic location and robust infrastructure make it a prime target for large-scale developments. Key areas such as Brentwood, Metrotown, and Lougheed are witnessing a surge in high-rise residential and mixed-use projects. The city’s commitment to sustainable and transit-oriented development (TOD) further enhances its attractiveness for investors and developers.

Key Development Projects in Burnaby

  1. Brentwood Block: Grosvenor’s Brentwood Block is a landmark project featuring six towers, including Western Canada's tallest all-rental tower. This project alone will deliver nearly 3,500 housing units, transforming the Brentwood area into a bustling urban hub .

  2. Concord Brentwood: Phase 3 of Concord Brentwood includes five towers up to 50 storeys, adding significant residential capacity and enhancing the area's urban fabric​ (Getty Images)​.

  3. Solhouse 6035: Bosa Properties' 50-storey Solhouse 6035 in Metrotown is set to redefine high-rise living with its modern design and extensive amenities​ (Wikipedia)​.

  4. Reign Towers: Wesgroup Properties' Reign Towers, featuring 35 and 38-storey buildings, will further bolster Burnaby’s skyline and provide numerous residential options .

  5. Southgate City: Ledingham McAllister’s Southgate City master plan continues with the development of the “Jade” towers, reflecting a commitment to creating integrated, sustainable communities .

Navigating Development Regulations

The City of Burnaby has introduced updated Development Cost Charges (DCCs) and new Amenity Contribution Charges (ACCs) to support infrastructure and public amenities. Understanding these regulations is crucial for successful project planning and execution. At Mirabeau Group, we help you navigate these complexities, ensuring compliance and optimizing your investment.

Why Hire Mirabeau Group?

  1. Expertise in Planning and Zoning: Our deep knowledge of Burnaby’s zoning regulations ensures that your project meets all legal requirements and leverages the latest urban planning strategies.

  2. Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies: We conduct thorough market analyses to determine the most viable and profitable uses for your property, ensuring your development aligns with market demand and community needs.

  3. Project Management: From initial planning to final construction, we oversee every aspect of your development, ensuring it stays on track and within budget.

  4. Sustainable Development: We prioritize sustainable practices, integrating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs to create projects that are not only profitable but also environmentally responsible.

Maximizing Your Property’s Potential

With the right guidance, property owners can unlock significant value through strategic development. Here are key steps to maximize your property’s potential in Burnaby:

  1. Evaluate Your Property’s Zoning: Understand the new zoning regulations and what they mean for your property. Higher density zoning can open up new development possibilities.

  2. Assess Market Demand: Conduct a market analysis to determine the best use of your property. This will help ensure your development meets current market needs and trends.

  3. Engage with the Community: Successful developments consider the broader community impact. Engage with local residents and stakeholders to gather feedback and build support for your project.

  4. Plan for Sustainability: Incorporate sustainable design principles to enhance the long-term value and appeal of your development.


Burnaby’s dynamic development landscape offers exciting opportunities for property owners. By understanding the local market, navigating regulatory requirements, and prioritizing sustainable practices, you can maximize the value of your property. At Mirabeau Group, we provide the expertise and support needed to successfully navigate this complex landscape and bring your development vision to life. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your development goals in Burnaby.


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